Wear a Utility Kilt to work Why not | Scottish Kilt™

Published on January 24, 2018 by

Hello so you guys are the owner of the kilt what you guys are going to do with it just wear it to socially or on occasion or go to the shop by wearing it or go to work in it go to work in a kilt make a lot of sense it is to cool not in order of style temperature vise yes, it is to cool you feel fresh in it you do not become sweaty in it and it is more comfortable then the pant and the second benefit of wearing kilt to work is storage I prefer cargo kilt because it has a lot of pockets you can store more things in it and you can also do you work for a long time in order to go back and take some stuff again and again you can just carry on your work without going back to take some more stuff and the third thing is durability these kilts are tough hundred percent made by cotton heavy weight they are handmade they are really tough you can wear it more than pants these are more good.


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