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Published on October 16, 2018 by

At Scottish Store, we have fun and take pride in the entire process of kilt making and kilt wearing. We believe that kilts are something to be proud of owning and wearing, and that means we work hard to not only create the highest quality kilts possible for each of our customers, but we strive to take photos and model them in the way that we know you will get the best possible view of them.
This also means we like to have a little fun, since kilts are so important to our lifestyle. In this video, you can check out a behind the scenes look of what happens at photo shoots at Scottish Kilt. All of our models are present and having their photos taken, and you can see the way that each one can move freely and comfortable while wearing these kilts. Different types of kilts are showcased, from standard Scottish tartan kilts to utility kilts to dress kilts and beyond. The models looking up mens kilts & discuss about the different types of kilts that they are wearing and what they like the best about them. You can see them worn in studio environments as well as out on the street to get a good idea of how they look in different settings.


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