Street Walk in Random Kilt Styles | Video Review

Published on October 16, 2018 by

Where kilts were once thought to be something only to be worn by Scotsmen and only during formal events within the borders of the country,the opposite is now true. Kilts are not only just for Scotsmen anymore, and they are even widely worn across the world even by those who do not have any Scottish heritage. They can be worn for everything from weddings and graduations to simple trips around town during the day, and in this video, you can see that.

During this Kilt Walk, there are several types of kilts for men being wearing, from the classic tartan kilt complete with accessories to utility kilts that are well loved for their versatility and ease of motion when working, hiking or just strolling down the street. Dress kilts are also displayed as well as hybrid kilts that give you the best of both worlds. All of these kilts are displayed in an urban environment against the backdrop of the streets of Brooklyn, giving you a good look at the way that kilts can be worn in ways that are not considered traditional Scottish dress to enhance your style and give you a fashionable edge wherever you go.



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