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Hello, today I am just going to do a quick review of the kilt that I just got today form scottish kilt store. It is the Hybrid, the good thing is that they sent it by DHL and it just delivered in just one week which is good in my experience. It is like most modern kilt now and the fitting is good as they said they would the waste is the exact 38 as they said they would and that was awesome. If you don’t like the fitting of the kilt so burn it and send them a video they will send you the kilt that is exactly measured to the size that you give and the pockets of this kilt is unattached able if you want to go without them or you don’t want them so you can remove it and it’s really well and its really come fast and they have many other awesome styles if you like them so you can check this by click on the link that is given below.


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