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Most of the Utility kilts in town comes with Cargo Pockets, but this kilt combines the regular style of cargo pockets and slash pockets to feel comfortable and elegant while you place your hands in pockets. These slash pockets can also be used to access your belonging easily as you dont have to bend and reach your down for your cargo pockets This Utility kilt is made with Heavy weight pure cotton to make this kilt perfect for hard and tough jobs, The Elegant design of Slash Pocket Kilt for Elegant Men is made by fabulous workmanship combining contrast buttons to add style and usability in kilt. The D loops are added to cover up all utility needs in filed work and home jobs. The stand out design of Slash Pocket Kilt for Elegant Men is also very comfortable and strong enough to resists ripping and tearing. The eye catching design of Slash Pocket Kilt for Elegant Men is created to make you feel confident and proud. This top of the line utility kilt features sewn down pleats and deep cargo pockets so you can keep your belongings safe and access able all the time and you dont have to worry about the kilt shape during your routine jobs, Like all the kilts from Scottish Kilt Shop Slash pocket kilt for Elegant men can also be customized for length, size and color.


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