Kilt Interview | Scottish Kilt

Published on October 16, 2018 by

Keith from Scottish Kilt Shop sits down in Brooklyn, New York with Charles, a model and rising actor who has been booked for a shoot to show off the kilts available at Scottish Kilt Shop. Charles has only worn a kilt one other time before coming into the studio to work with Scottish Kilt Shop, and he discusses how it felt to not only wear a Scottish kilt for the very first time in his life but also what it felt like to hold a clay more at the same time.

He speaks to the fact that not only did holding a symbol of Scottish history in his hand make him feel a bit powerful and connected to his roots, but that the Scottish lion crest he wears helps to show off his pride in his Scottish heritage. Charles comments on the quality of the mens kilt that he wears from Scottish Kilt Shop from the stitching to the fit and how it makes him feel like he is “home” with his Scottish roots. The kilt he wears is one of many kilts available on Scottish Kilt Shop to help you find the one that makes you feel at home, too.


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