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Published on October 16, 2018 by

Today, Keith sits down in the scottish store studio with Tom Martone, a New York City actor who has a little experience wearing a kilt. Tom sits down to talk about wearing a kilt in a dark comedy film and the way that he found it to be remarkably comfortable. Wearing the kilt certainly “changed his look,” and he speaks to the way that he feels that it shook things up for him from the moment he put it on.

Wearing a kilt can be considered by some to be a ‘life changing experience’ in the way that it opens up a freedom of dress that they hadn’t known before. In this interview, the different and sometimes surprising places that a kilt can be worn are talked about, as well as the fact that at Scottish Kilt, even those who are not Scots, can enjoy the freedom and the style that comes with donning a kilt. The kilt isn’t made just for Scotsmen anymore, and at scottish store, it can also be made to measure, so that it fits anyone, no matter their size, age or gender.


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