Wearing Denim Kilt – Person Interview | Scottish Kilt

Published on October 16, 2018 by

Keith sits down with Brooklyn native Jonathan to discuss his experience of wearing a kilt for the first time. Jonathan is in the studio to model his kilt for a photoshoot, which happens to be a lightweight Denim Kilts. In the interview, you can see the way that the kilt works into his modern style and can very easily be worn by the trendy younger generation.

Jonathan speaks to the fact that he loves the comfort and versatility of wearing a kilt, and that he would walk out onto the street wearing the kilt he is modeling if he could. On the heads of both Keith and Jonathan are tartan hats, one in red and one in green, displaying the versatility of tartan fabric and what can be done with it. Keith speculates about the rising popularity of tartan hats and accessories as well as the different locations around the world that they can be worn. The two discuss the idea of famous horror movie characters wearing the kilt, the conversation inspired by a brief touching on the tattoo that Jonathan has on his chest, truly speaking to the wide range of applications there are when it comes to wearing kilts.


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