Interview of A Kilt Fan | Scottish Kilt™

Published on October 16, 2018 by

Nestled in the heart of bustling Brooklyn, New York, Keith sits down on-site with Travis Painter, a friend and model for Scottish Kilt. Travis is a musician, more specifically, a drummer and percussionist, and for him, his music and career are intertwined pretty heavily with not only his Scottish roots, but his love of the iconic scotland kilt.

In this interview, Travis talks about his style and musical inspiration, both of which have roots in the lead singer of the nu-metal band, KoRn, Jonathan Davis. Davis, whose trademark on stage has becoming wearing a kilt, inspired Travis through his courage in the way that he wore the kilt apologetically and helped to spread the word about this style of dress.Because Travis is a musician himself, he likes to wear the kilts not only on stage, but to keep himself cool when he plays in hotter environments. He sings the praises of the way that wearing a kilt has made his life far more comfortable in more ways than one, all while sporting a denim kilt that adds a casual appearance to his look and goes a long way toward showing off the versatility of a true Scottish kilt.


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