Interview In A Kilt | Scottish Kilt™

Published on October 16, 2018 by

David Hand, one of the models for usa kilts store, sits down to chat with Keith in New York City to discuss his career as a model, director, writer and actor. David has only been wearing kilts for a short while, but already has fallen in love with the lifestyle. Once he began to model kilts, he was noticed by various fashion companies, and so wearing a kilt has opened up a brand new field of work for him. David has been offered positions modeling for various “gender less” fashion shoots, helping him to understand the joy that comes with wearing a kilt.

Finding the kilt is a refreshing change of pace, David feels confident and comfortable incorporating a men’s kilts into his daily life, forgoing the restrictive, uncomfortable nature of pants and shorts for the freeing feeling of kilts. Though he says there are some things to get used to such as learning a new way to sit, the benefits outweigh the learning process and he looks forward to wearing them around town, even if the locals in his area give him strange looks for a while. You can find David and follow his kilt fashion shoots, including for Scottish Kilt Shop, on social media.


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